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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bush Dynasty
For better or worse, by 2008 a Bush will have been either President or Vice President for 20 out of the last 28 years.

Pat Buchanan, however, is calling for the impeachment of the current President Bush due to his reluctance to effectively deal with the Mexican border/illegal immigration issue. Here at, we believe that Pat Buchanan has a point. Our nation is being invaded by millions of people from another country, yet the president does little.

But there is another egregious issue where Bush is failing the American people as well. Americans are being looted at the gas pumps, yet Exxon for example reported a record $7.64 Billion profit for the THREE MONTH PERIOD between April and June 2005. Americans need a rebate from Exxon and other oil companies, or be assured that these profits will be going to build new refineries, for oil and gas exploration, and building related infrastructure, and not into the pockets of owners and shareholders. But Bush the former oilman does little.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2008 Presidential Election Results Announced!!!

You read it here first:

2008 Presidential Election Results:

Hillary Clinton: 54 percent
John McCain: 46 percent

How do I know?

This race has already been run, or at least a race that looks very much like the race shaping up between Hillary and McCain.

In 1996 a Clinton ran against an old, decorated war hero. Sound familiar? (Bill Clinton received 49 percent of the vote, Bob Dole received 41 percent, H. Ross Perot received 8 percent and others received about 2 percent. For our projection we assume that Hillary will receive Bill's 49 percent and McCain will receive Dole's 41 percent. We split Perot's take and the other's take and give 5 percent each to Hillary and McCain.)

There are many apparent and a couple of odd similarities between Dole and McCain. To name a few: Both men are decorated war heroes with military records above reproach. If McCain runs, he too will be well advanced in age like Dole in '96. Both McCain and Dole are solid Republicans, but neither stir the passions of their party and both are/were viewed with some trepidation from the Far Right.

Both McCain and Dole have ventured out of their Republican shells and appeared in rather odd media situations, considering their political stature. Dole touted Viagra and appeared in a racy Britney Spears Pepsi TV ad. McCain makes an appearance in the raunchy Wedding Crashers movie.

There could be more!

What if McCain picks ELIZABETH Dole as his running mate to add some feminine heft against Hillary?

Note: Hillary might select as her running mate New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, next-door neighbor of Senator John McCain of Arizona. Such a matchup could propel the border problem to the forefront.

Who could habla the most Spanish? My guess - Bill Richardson, meaning that the Republicans will have even fewer Hispanic voters in 2008 (not that they ever had a lot anyway, despite what Bush appears to believe).


Bush Should Bike the Border!

I have a suggestion on where President Bush should take his next bicycle ride - the Arizona/Mexico border. Such a ride might bring home the fact to the prez that our border is being overrun by illegal immigrants, drug trafickers, and possibly terrorists. I wonder if the Secret Service would tell Bush that such a ride would be too dangerous?

Photo: Bush received scrapes on his hand and chin after a fall on his bike.


Monday, August 15, 2005

The Great Wall of the United States

Good fences make good neighbors, Robert Frost indicates in his poem "Mending Wall."

Mexico is being anything but a good neighbor. Daily, thousands of Mexicans enter the United States illegally, committing numerous crimes in their trek northward.

One U.S. governor has finally had enough. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (Democrat) has declared a state of emergency in four counties that share the border with Mexico. The region "has been devastated by the ravages and terror of human smuggling, drug smuggling, kidnapping, murder, destruction of property, and the death of livestock", CNN quoted Richardson as saying. Richardson told CNN that the "situation is out of hand".

The National Ledger wonders if Richardson is making his move for the White House in 2008. (Also see TIME) Well, if it is a move for the White House, this Democratic governor has earned some street cred with this traditional Republican voter! In fact, if Richardson stays on track with his initiative, I'm voting for him over any Republican who doesn't share the same concerns on this issue. Let me make this clear: "I AM A DIEHARD REPUBLICAN, BUT I WILL VOTE DEMOCRATIC IF THE DEMOCRATS TAKE THE LEAD ON SHUTTING DOWN OUR BORDERS." I've always voted with the interests of the Unites States above my own, and I'll be doing so in the next election also.

The silence from the Republicans on the issue of border control is deafening. One would think that this party with a tenet of strong national defense would have border control as a high priority. But they don't, and "methinks" it's a cheap Republican ploy to grow the economy through a combination of cheap labor and a housing boom across the Southwest.

But with Republicans silent and noncommittal on this issue, the Democrats have a great opportunity to drive a wedge between the Republican Party and their flag-waving supporters.

Here at we are urging the United States Government to build an impenetrable barrier from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese were able to build such a wall in the times before Christ, so it would seem we could do the same today.

Currently, the U.S. Government is spending millions on border patrol personnel, vehicles, aircraft and other things and receiving little in return for the money spent. Some illegal immigrants are caught, but many thousands more make the crossing undetected. A wall would be costly, but in the long run it would save many millions of future dollars as it would be more efficient and require less personnel.

Do we want a few border patrol agents in SUVs chasing down illegal aliens in a vast region? Or do we want an impenetrable wall that stops everything - illegal aliens, drugs, contraband, weapons, and al Qaeda nukes?

Legend has it that Colonel Travis drew a line in the sand with his sword at the Alamo. It's time America drew another line in the sand!


Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Russians Are Our Friends!

The substantial assistance provided by the United States and Great Britain to their former nemesis Russia in the rescue efforts of a stranded Russian mini-sub is a testament to the developing friendships between these nations.

It seems a little odd that the U.S. is developing closer ties to Russia, considering the forty-year struggle between communism and democracy during the Cold War. But in hindsight, that period was brief, lasting a little more than forty years, and culminating with a flameout and a dissolution of the Soviet Empire in the late 1980s.

Before this period, if you'll remember, the Russians were our allies. Together, the United States and Russia (with great sacrifice) worked together to defeat Nazi Germany.

It's time to forget the idiocy of the Cold War and look ahead, for the United States and Russia have common goals and common enemies.

First, we shouldn't be too critical of Russian governance. Recently, Russia has been criticized by the Bush Administration for turning back some democratic initiatives. But we must remember that Russia is a new democracy in an old land, with a billion Chinese and hordes of Muslims on their old borders. Russia has a unique set of problems to contend with that are not comparable to the U.S. situation. Russia, for one, has Al Qaeda on their borders, and probably within. There are economic considerations as well. The introduction of capitalism has perhaps come too fast for Russia, as criminal organizations and criminal corporate monopolies have filled the void left by the demise of communism. But Russia is making headway with these problems.

But if and when the shit hits the fan, whether it be a 200 million man Chinese Army on the move, Al Qaeda with nukes, or another unforeseen nemesis, the United States and Russia, along with Western Europe, will be on the same side.

The world is dividing into many factions, but it's also dividing among two main fault lines - East versus West and Islam versus Christianity. The U.S. and Russia find themselves on the same side on both of these accounts. Though Christianity has been diluted in Western Europe and Russia, the Christian foundation remains, perpetuated by Caucasian majorities in these states. Against these Western/Christian/Caucasian nations stand two opposing Asian ideologies - Islam and Communist/Godless China.

Currently, China is consolidating its power in Oriental Asia, while hardline Islamics in Muslim Asia are fomenting terrorism against the Christian West. As these powers and movements grow, there will be increasing competition for goods, capital, and markets between Western and Eastern Powers.

As this showdown develops, there will be countless alliances and sub alliances made in many fields. Russia will hold wargames with China, and Russia will hold wargames with NATO. China will form trade pacts with Western-aligned Australia and New Zealand. The U.S. will supply both Pakistan and India (traditional enemies) with weapons of war. Socialists in Europe will be critical of the U.S. for Mideast military adventures. Ultimately though it will be East versus West and Islam versus Christianity, and hopefully we'll have Russia on our side, even if they aren't perfectly democratic.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Marines Spread Too Thin in Iraq

The circumstances surrounding the killings of six Marine snipers near the town of Haditha in Iraq's Al Anbar province could be an indication that U.S. forces are spread too thin.

Marine Scout Snipers often work alone in small teams, but they are most always employed as part of a greater unit that provides mutual fire support and cover. Often, they are employed in overwatch positions to cover advancing infantry. Sometimes, they are used for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

Nevertheless, as part of a Marine Infantry Battalion, snipers are part of a larger, cohesive unit that includes infantrymen, mortars, TOW missiles, etc. with attached units that could include artillery, tanks and air support. These Marine battalions train together to mount coordinated attacks. These units, employed together, are a very potent force. Apart, they become targets to be picked off.

The Iraq insurgency presents difficult problems, and the irregularities of urban guerrilla warfare are difficult to combat. In war, of course, there will always be ambushes and such, and loss of life on both sides.

Nevertheless, the six murdered snipers were operating alone in an area not cleared of enemy insurgents. These snipers should have had some kind of affiliated support. But they didn't, and probably not because of their training, but because their battalion is being asked to do the near impossible.

Overall, about 10,000 U.S. troops are deployed in Al Anbar province, an area about the size of Texas. Probably less than half are combat troops, the others are support personnel. It doesn't take a military tactician to conclude there just aren't enough troops for the job.

Also see:
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Image (top): Marines patrol near the Haditha dam.

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