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Monday, November 21, 2005

Nothing Short of a Coast-to-Coast Fence Will be Acceptable

Image: Diagram of the Berlin Wall

The Soviets were able to build a wall/fence virtually across its entire western flank - to keep people in. Why can't the United States build a similar barrier across her southern border - to keep foreigners and terrorists out?

You've heard it here and elsewhere before - the U.S./Mexican border is out of control. (See for photos and info.)

Word has it that President Bush "plans to announce a border security initiative in coming weeks as part of his effort to win back support for his presidency from doubting conservatives."

Too little, too late. The damage has already been done across the American Southwest and elsewhere.

I'll be very surprised if Bush calls for a border fence. He'll probably call for a few extra border agents that will never materialize, and more detention facilities to process more illegals. But it won't be enough for this conservative.

Despite Bush's recalcitrance* on the border situation, support is growing for a state-of-the-art border fence. Organizations such as Let Freedom Ring and their project are making a good case for a border fence. In fact, Colin Hanna, founder of We Need a Fence, will appear on Fox's Hannity and Colmes on Wednesday, November 23rd. Hopefully, this and other efforts will convince the stubborn Bush to finally take real action on this out-of-control situation.

re-cal-ci-trant: to be stubbornly disobedient; stubbornly resisting authority; resistance to handling or treatment


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where's Charles Martel When You Need Him?

Photo: Youths face French riot police

You may have heard this joke:

"Hey, I got my cat neutered. Now he's French."

The French are getting a lot of bad press these days from Americans, some of it deserved, some of it not. The Arab riots aren't helping.

There was a time very long ago when the French stood up to Arab invaders. At the Battle of Tours in 732 AD, Charles Martel's Frankish army defeated a much larger Arab army and saved Western Europe and Christianity, according to many historians.

During the past several years the French have been concerned about the "Americanization" of France. They have rallied against McDonalds and other symbols of American capitalism. Too bad they weren't concerned about the "Arabization" of their land.

The French Leftists are stupid people. Perhaps out of colonial guilt, they have let large numbers of Arabs into their country. In America, immigrants assimilate over time, because people come to America to live the American dream. (If they don't assimilate, at least their kids do.) But people don't generally immigrate to France to become French. These Arabs, by and large, live sequestered in separate communities. Compounding this problem are French Leftists whose economic and social policies breed dependence, not responsibility.

Hopefully, the French and other European countries, and even the United States, realize - before it's too late - the errors of ethnic immigration of peoples without shared religions, cultures, or national interests. It's time for them (and us) to stop the immigration and start the deportation.

In the late 1980s I was privileged to read a report that detailed how the Soviets had developed an extensive network throughout Europe in the transportation sector. The Soviets, through the trucking industry and railroads, could clandestinely move people, goods and equipment easily throughout Europe. There were even reports that the Soviets had truck-sized microwave weapons that could be transported to areas throughout Europe, to be used against NATO facilities and personnel in the case of a Soviet invasion. Though Arab extremists don't have microwave weapons, they have a bunch of other stuff, and it's probable they have similar clandestine transportation/smuggling networks throughout Europe.


Sonic Device Helps Thwart Pirates

Check out American Technology Corporation's Web site for a look at their acoustic force protection devices. Their Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is credited with helping fend off pirates who attacked a cruise ship off the coast of Africa. In addition to producing a concerted ear-splitting sound, the LRAD can communicate in various languages via the built-in Phraselator. It can also be configured to provide live or continuously recorded audio.

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